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By accessing Medicare Part A home health benefits our patients are able to improve their quality of life and extend their length of stay in their home of choice. Inspire’s services are individually tailored to each patient and are part of a coordinated care plan within your home or assisted living setting. If indicated, Inspire will coordinate additional Medicare Part B therapy to help our patients maintain their gains once Part A home health services are no longer needed.

Backed by Americare’s expertise in senior care, Inspire’s patients have fewer hospitalizations and emergency room visits than patients of other agencies in Missouri and nationally. That means less disruption for our patients and their families and a higher likelihood of continued progress.   

Outcome Inspire Home Health Care Missouri Average National Average
Percentage of home health patients being admitted to the hospital   10.5%   16.1%   15.8%
Percentage of home health patients needing emergency room care (without being admitted)   11.7%   13.3%   13.0%

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